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PAR38 LED Bulbs

PAR38 LED bulbs are seen as being the direct replacement for the normal halogen PAR lamps that have been around for a number of years. These new bulbs are seen as being far more energy efficient without diminishing the amount of light that is offered by them, but prior to going ahead and purchasing one it is best to know more about the range that is available to ensure that you select the correct one.

First, it should be noted that the wattage numbers are lower in these newer versions, but this does not mean a drop in the quality of light as that is simply not the case. The main wattage levels to be aware of with these bulbs go from 7.5W to 7.8W, 13.5W and finally 15W with the number of lumens, this is the measurement for the amount of light being emitted, also increasing with the wattage as you would expect.

Next, there are a number of colors available with these bulbs even though the normal spot light variety is certainly the most popular with it coming in various shades including daylight, cool white, and warm white. Other colors include blue, red, green, yellow and even a bulb that changes color when it is switched on with this being ideal for certain effects that you may be trying to create. Each bulb is also going to be the screw cap variety making it very easy to fit them in whatever lamp or setting you have in mind.

It was mentioned earlier on about the fact that these bulbs are seen as being far more efficient and in order to demonstrate that it is worth looking at the number of hours that they often last for before they need to be replaced. On average, a bulb of this type will now have a life span approaching 50,000 hours and will continue to give you the same halogen level of light, but by using a fraction less electricity to do so. Obviously with it using less energy it does make it cheaper to run these light bulbs and the savings will mean that they most certainly pay for themselves during the life of the bulb.

When it comes to their uses, then these bulbs are ideal not only for domestic use, but also in commercial settings as well as they do offer an ideal lighting solution for a number of situations. The most common uses for these bulbs include things such as spot lighting, to light items in a display cabinet, or just to add some accent lighting in a confined area and thanks to the number of PAR38 LED bulbs for sale it does mean that the correct bulb for your needs is certainly available.

To conclude, PAR38 LED bulbs will offer you the same level of light as your old halogen PAR lamp, but cost you less to run and also last longer in the process. There are several wattage numbers available as well as a range of colors making it the ideal solution for a range of situations both at home as well as in a commercial setting and with them costing a fraction of the price you would expect they also represent real value for money for your light source.

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