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LED Recessed Light Bulbs

LED recessed light bulbs are seen as being the replacement for the previous halogen models that can be found in various recess lighting fixtures in homes around the country. These new bulbs are now far more efficient than previous models resulting in less electricity being used in order to produce the same amount of light as before. There are a number of different types and power strengths available resulting in these bulbs being able to be used in a range of situations.

As was mentioned earlier, these LED light bulbs are available in a range of watts and it does mean that they are perfect for a wide range of kitchens depending upon the size of space that has to be lit. The most common type is 3W, but they are also available in both 5W and 7W and even though this sounds like a low number it is important to remember that due to changes in technology they do offer the same amount of light as old bulbs ranging from 40W up to 60W.

Apart from the power, they are also available in both screw fitting as well as the bayonet cap and you will also notice that there are several colors of bulbs on the market to give you different options when it comes to setting the mood in a room. Obviously the most popular color is always going to be white, but there are various accents available including blue and red with these bulbs being used to highlight areas rather than being a main light in a room.

As was mentioned at the outset, these bulbs are now more efficient than before and it is always a good idea to look at how efficient they are in comparison to the older versions to show you why you should think about changing to these newer models. On average, you will be looking at them having a life span of approximately 35,000 hours and they use a fraction of the electricity although how much they use does vary depending upon the manufacturer. This means that they offer you the same amount of light as before, but cost you less in the process meaning you win on both counts.

So where are they used? In general they are used in kitchens and can either be placed in the ceiling or some modern kitchens do have them installed under cabinets and even in the kickboards to add a classy touch to the room. The main thing is that they sit flush against the surface hence the bulbs being flat rather than rounded to make sure that everything is just a lot neater when in place.

Recessed LED light bulbs offer you more than enough light for the room in question, but do so by using less electricity and lasting for longer resulting in you saving money in the process. Look at replacing your older bulbs with these newer versions as quickly as possible as you will earn back their cost in next to no time and your lights will still look fantastic.

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