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2D CFL Bulbs

2D CFL bulbs, otherwise referred to as compact fluorescent lamps, is a type of bulb that is shaped like two back to back letter D’s and they are used in a number of different situations. This type of bulbs is also available in a range of wattages and the newer models on the market are seen as being a low energy solution, but offering a high light level at the same time. Thanks to an increase in their efficiency levels, they will last you for quite some time before needing to be replaced and it is important to look closer at the facts and figures before you go ahead and purchase one.

Efficiency is of course extremely important when buying bulbs now and with 2D CFL bulbs you can expect them to last for anywhere between 10,000 hours and 20,000 hours depending on the manufacturer. Modern versions do produce less heat through the bulb and this does mean that you are losing less energy leading to less electricity being used in order to power them in the first place.

When it comes to the wattages, then there are several different types available and of course the one you buy will depend upon where the bulb is going to be placed and the size of the area that has to then be lit. The most common wattages on the market typically go from 16W at the lower end to as high as 55W, but most vary between 20W and 30W with these bulbs being capable of giving you more than enough light for your needs as they do match the light levels as produced by the older incandescent bulbs. For attaching them, then most 2D CFL bulbs have a push in base with this being located in the middle of the bulbs where it simply clips into place on the light fixture.

Due to the shape of these bulbs, they can be used both outside as well as inside and attached to light fixtures on walls that are quite large, but most importantly flat. This is of course due to the bulb itself not being very thick, but one of the best things is that it does not only fit with modern fixtures, but it is also capable of being retrofitted into existing fixtures as well. Thanks to the way that the bulb is designed it does mean that it projects the light in an even manner resulting in fewer shadows being created making this the ideal light solution in so many rooms. These bulbs can also be used in security lights as well as recessed downlights with this use often being seen in an office situation where they are built into the ceiling itself.

2D CFL bulbs are, therefore, capable of producing the equivalent of 200W from a bulb that only uses 20W and they are certainly far more efficient and reliable than the earlier models that you may still find on the market. These bulbs are the ideal solution for a security setting as well as being able to be attached to a wide range of wall fixtures to light up quite a large room. Due to the money you can save by using the newer models it does make perfect sense to go ahead and replace those old bulbs to allow you to get the same amount of light, but by using less electricity in the process.

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