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1156/1157 LED Bulbs

1156/1157 LED bulbs can be found in your vehicle as they are the two key types of bulbs that allow people to see that your indicator is on as well as your fog lamp and your brakes. Clearly these bulbs do play an important role in regard to safety and thanks to them using LEDs it does mean that they will last much longer than the older incandescent light bulbs that you may have already been used to.

To begin with it is best to describe why you should change to these LED bulbs and the main reason is that they are capable of lasting a lot longer than the incandescent bulbs and they do still produce the same amount of light with this meaning that people are able to see you even at night. These bulbs have a tendency to last for up to 50,000 hours and thanks to them using a reduced number of watts it does mean that they drain less power from the battery. It is important to point out that even though you are looking at the bulbs having a fraction of a watt, they are still capable of producing sharp, bright light thanks to having over 20 LEDS in what is a very small bulb.

Thanks to the technology within the bulbs it does mean that they do light up faster as there is no need to wait even just a split second for them to warm up first. This does of course mean that they improve driver safety and thanks to the bulbs being shock proof it is also harder for them to break even going over holes in the ground whereas this has proven to be a problem with the older bulbs thanks to the filament in incandescent bulbs being rather fragile.

Clearly there are various colors depending on the role they have to play in the car and this means that the main colors that are available include white, yellow, and red. Due to the positioning of each LED it does also mean that the light is projected over a wide area with this increasing visibility whereas this is something that simply cannot be done with the older incandescent variety.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the difference between 1156 and 1157 and what you will find is that the 1156 bulb is simply for a single action, which means it is used for a turn signal or an on/off light whereas the 1157 is a dual action bulb and can be used for two functions including brake lights as well as front signal indicators. You will also find that the mounts are different for each type and it is important to make sure that you do use the correct bulbs in order to ensure that everything works perfectly. Apart from that, everything else is the same when it comes to their manufacture and how long they last.

1156/1157 LED bulbs are, therefore, the newest models of automotive bulbs on the market just now and you are certainly advised to change to them as soon as possible due to them being more efficient, not having to warm up, last longer, and offer a brighter light making you safer on the roads. These bulbs do not drain your battery and as long as you put them in the correct place and do not mix up the two types, then they will work perfectly from the very moment you hit that switch.

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