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LED Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lighting offers a welcoming feeling to your house. It basically serves two purposes – an accent piece for your home’s exterior and a solid safety feature. With electricity costs constantly rising, it is high time to consider alternative ‘energy efficient’ lighting to illuminate outdoors. One such alternative is LED Outdoor lights. They offer an impressive way to keep on using your courtyards and gardens once the sun has set. If you need a lot of lighting for an outdoor area, you can please your conscience that LED light is an excellent choice for the environment. Energy efficiency does not mean that LED lights are limited in anyway – you can get anything from powerful and strong flood-lighting to stake lights for your garden or outdoor area. Let us have a look at the various types of LED outdoor lights and their uses.

Type of LED outdoor Lights
There are many types of Outdoor LED-lights available based on their purpose and functions. They are,

Task-lighting is a typical use of LED outdoor lights, as they offer excellent directional ability. Illuminating specific areas and creating the suitable environment for activities is vital for both enjoyment and safety, for which LED works exceptionally well.

Pathways usually require a lot of light, as they’ll be used often after dusk. A-Line or flood-light LED outdoor lights usually provide a wide range of high focused light rays to shed light on any obstacles hidden by darkness.

Deck lighting is effective with spot light LED outdoor bulbs. Recessed in to decking or patios, LED offers a great way to indicate raised edges and steps.

The directional power of LED outdoor bulbs make them ideal for accent lighting style – highlighting plants, trees and ornaments. Also, the potential to restrict the light rays in one direction provides the choice of keeping bins, containers or any other less appealing regions in darkness.

Outdoor LED lights are often rigged with security-sensors to instantaneously light up outdoor areas. Their capacity to illuminate large areas could be an excellent deterrent to vandals and intruders, who can find your entire garden instantly light up from a single light fixture. Again, their low energy consumption and longevity makes LED outdoor lights an ideal option for intrusion detection.

Pond and water fountain lights are often made out of LED lights due to its reliability and consistency. Their average life-span of 10 years and their rareness of failure ensure they are great options for underwater lighting.

Solar-powered lamps frequently feature LED lights. By utilizing around 90 % less power than filament bulbs, they offer a much better way to keep your gardens lit up eco-friendly during the night. Based on the area of application, LED outdoor bulbs can be connected right to a battery linked to a solar panel, or can be employed in a grid formation.

Types of Fixture of LED outdoor Lights
Fixed – Fixed LED outdoor lights are light fixtures attached ‘semi’ permanently to ceilings or walls. Open patios and side pathways usually feature this lighting style, as it could be shielded easily from surroundings and has a little impact on space.

Hanging – These lights offer a conventional appearance to counterbalance the artificial feel of the lighting.

Standing – Standing LED outdoor lights are usually installed upon a lamp-post, in the design of traditional Victorian lamp-posts.

Recessed – LED outdoor lights are ideal for recessed lighting because of the need to stay small. They’re much smaller when compared with other filament bulbs and therefore are suitable for downlight fixture.

The biggest benefit that LED lights provide is that they use much less power when compared to other styles of lighting. This represents substantial savings in terms of energy consumption. Additionally, they last far longer and don’t contain any mercury, thus offer a big advantage over CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs. Also, there are number of exciting and unique LED outdoor lights available that will enhance the overall aesthetic and personality of your outdoor space and act as a preview of what’s inside. These characteristics make LED lights specifically ideal for outdoor use.

If you’re shelling out more and more into your outdoor lighting, then it could be a smart idea to switch to Outdoor LED lights now as they’ll save you a good amount of money in the future. Save Energy and Earth with LED Lights.