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LED Ceiling Lights

Light Emitting Diode or LED is a new lighting technology which has become very popular today as people look for ways of cutting down emissions and energy costs. There are very many types of LED light bulbs however the most common type of LED light bulbs are LED ceiling lights. Since the development of this technology, LED light fixtures have been deemed as the future of lighting – and LED ceiling lights are no exception. The current design and features of these fixtures are ideal for indoor lighting needs, which is why they are slowly replacing traditional light bulbs that are currently in use. LED lights are now widely used for residential lighting, as well as commercial applications such as in offices, conference rooms, warehouses, factories, schools, airports, hospitals and hotels.

As the name suggests, LED ceiling lights are usually fixed on building ceilings. LED ceiling lights come in a variety of shapes, designs and sizes however they serve the same purpose. Installing the LED ceiling lights is simple and doesn’t require specialization. A light emitting diode is a point-like luminous body, which means that lighting fixture designers have virtually complete freedom when it comes to design. LEDs can be easily adapted for use with a variety of power supplies and casing as well. In fact, today‚Äôs LED ceiling lights are available in a range of styles, from sleek round and square panel lights and intricate chandeliers to pendant lights that come in various shapes such as cones and cylinders. They could be used for ambient lighting and fitted with high efficiency drivers and dimmers to easily alter the atmosphere of a room.

LED is a high intensity light source due to the electroluminescence effect, which occurs when electrons react and move through the semiconductor material. When switched on, LED ceiling lights would start immediately; there would be no flickering and distracting humming. Most LED lamps, specifically panel lights, feature PMMA or PC acrylic sheets that create uniform lighting. They also come with diffusers to create a soft and comfortable glow. LED lights, particularly panel lighting systems, typically feature a lightweight aluminum frame. However, they could also come with a variety of sleek chrome and classic nickel finishes, as well as cased-glass shades coated with other types of optical material such as opal glass to evenly distribute high-quality illumination.

Very many people prefer LED ceiling lights because they are usually located far away from interference. The location i.e. on ceilings helps to avoid unnecessary accidents because people can’t reach them to cause fatal interference. Also, people prefer LED ceiling lights because they offer better light distribution because of their location. Most wall lights or lamp stand lights offer poor light distribution with variations depending on the angle/s of light beams.

The biggest selling point of this kind of lighting is the reduced power consumption. Cost is also among the reasons why LED ceiling lights are very popular. The lights are priced fairly compared to other similar lights. For starters, most 6W LED light bulbs have high lumen ratings that could provide the same light output as a 60-watt incandescent light bulb. Also, a well-designed LED circuit could result to energy efficiency ratings of as high as 80%, which means than 80% of the energy used is converted to light energy and only a small percentage is lost as heat energy. On the other hand, some incandescent bulbs operate at only 20% efficiency. This means that LED light bulbs could produce sufficient light without consuming as much energy as most traditional lighting fixtures. There is also minimal heat dissipation, which also reduces air conditioning costs.It is however important to note that there are some types of LED ceiling lights that are expensive. Their quality and durability however justifies the cost.

As mentioned above, LED ceiling lights can be installed anywhere you can imagine. The main aim of using LED ceiling lights is saving energy thus the natural lights/bulbs can be replaced with LED lights anywhere you wish to reduce lighting costs i.e. your home; kitchen ceiling, bathroom e.t.c. You can also put LED lights in your office. The lights simply reduce energy costs and add style around your home, office or facility.

It is important to note that the lights are suitable for tight spaces. If you don’t have a lot of ceiling space to put chandeliers, it is advisable to install LED ceiling lights because they require very little space for installation. The lights have a special variety i.e. the low heat LED ceiling lights (recessed) which produce very little light thus are ideal for tight spaces.