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Triple Tube CFL Bulbs

Triple tube CFL bulbs are easy to spot due to them containing three light tubes even though they are relatively small in size. These newer models are designed to replace the older incandescent bulbs as they are now far more efficient than ever before resulting in them lasting longer, offering you the same amount of light as before, but use less electricity in the process.

These particular bulbs will generally come with a screw cap fitting meaning they can easily be installed although it is worth noting that some manufacturers will also produce the familiar bayonet cap that you will see on a number of different types of bulbs. Apart from the fittings, they are also available in a number of different wattages and it is best to look at these wattages to help you decide on the bulb that is most suitable for your own particular needs.

When it comes to the wattages, then the average ones that are available on the market will range from 15W at the lower end and up to 26W at the upper with others generally being 20W and 25W. This is only a rough guide as other manufacturers could produce some bulbs outwith this range, but the wattages listed here are certainly the most popular and the ones that you are most likely to go ahead and chose from.

These bulbs are certainly far more efficient than the earlier models and this can be shown in the fact that they will last up to ten times longer and on average will use up to 75% less energy in the process. This does mean that there are substantial savings to be made during the life of these particular bulbs and they will in effect pay for themselves before they need to be replaced.

To also show you how they are better than the older incandescent versions, then it is a good idea to look at how these newer versions are capable of producing the same amount of light as higher wattage bulbs that have preceded them and what you will find is that in general a 15W bulb with the newer version is the equivalent of a 60W bulb from before. What this tells you is that even though the wattage figures may be low it does not mean that you will be left with less light and can buy them with confidence and use these bulbs in a number of situations.

These bulbs are able to be used in a number of lamps and are quite common in a range of rooms throughout the home. They do come in different sizes and this makes them ideal for small lamps as well as main ones and you may also be interested in using them as the main light source in a room due to the amount of light that they do emit.

In short, triple tube CFL bulbs are efficient, but offer you a lot of light from a relatively small number of watts and they will certainly save you a lot of electricity when compared to the older incandescent bulbs that they replace. They are the ideal bulb for lamps throughout your home and if you want to do your bit for the environment, then you should look at changing to these newer models now and reap the benefits from doing so.

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