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T5 Ballasts

General Electric (GE) are the original manufactures of the original T5 Ballasts which are energy efficient and electronically suited for operating T5 fluorescent lights/lamps i.e. the T5 LongLast TM and the Watt-Miser TM lamps. T5 Ballasts help to create the perfect or best combination of energy savings and ballast and lamp performance. GE covers full T5 Ballast ranges i.e. 14W to 80W for non-dimming applications.

The Multiwatt design of T5 Ballasts reduces the ballast type numbers needed thereby enabling more manufacturing flexibility as well as luminaire design flexibility. Furthermore the 21mm slim height design helps in the production of new lower fittings profile compared to previously.

T5 Ballasts utilize advanced preheat technologies that ensure that lamps enjoy a long life. The technologies also allow unlimited operations i.e. unlimited switching on and off. Lastly, the technologies allow good lumen maintenance and reduced end darkening.

Some of the notable features of T5 ballasts include; full compatibility with all T5 lamps, voltage controlled preheating, maximized lamp life, low system losses, minimized end-blackening, superior system efficacy alongside T5 Watt-MiserTM lamp/s, immunity to voltage variations in the mains, 21mm high and a 3 year guarantee under certain specified conditions.

T5 Ballasts provide excellent high quality light and energy savings compared to other systems i.e. T8 systems. When T5 electronic ballasts are used alongside T5 lamps, they can offer a number of lighting applications i.e. supermarkets, shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, offices, industrial sites, airports and schools lighting.

Mains supply is between 220 and 240V. The permitted voltage is between 198 and 264 V. The input frequency of T5 Ballasts is 50-60Hz. The earth leakage current is less than 0.5 mA. The preheat time is less than 2 seconds. Wire cross sections are between 0.5 and 1.5 mm2. The wires should however be kept as short as possible i.e. less than 0.5m.

Typical T5 ballasts measure 1 inch high with a width of 1.18 inches and a length of 14.25 inches. It is however important to note that some of the kinds of T5 Ballasts measure 1.25 by 1.25 by 19 inches. T5 Ballasts usually regulate and discharge power at certain wattage i.e. between 14 and 35 watts. This regulation and discharge however depends on the type of lamp, and compatibility with volt operations between 120 and 347 volt operations.

It is important to note that T5 ballasts are available in three main varieties namely; rapid start, instant start and programmed start. These ballasts offer themselves to fluorescent lamps that are efficient featuring efficacy ratings such as; 104 lumens/watt. In most cases T5 ballasts carry the best sound ratings which simply means they are very quiet.

It is important to note that T5 Ballasts come in many versions/models i.e. T5 HO Ballasts. These Ballasts share very many T5 Ballast specifications however they require greater lamps output compared to T5 Ballasts. T5 Ballasts usually regulate and discharge power at certain wattage i.e. between 24 and 80 watts. Because of increased wattage, the T5 HO Ballasts are less efficacious compared to the standard T5 ballasts. When lamps are equipped with T5 HO Ballasts the efficacy rating can reach up to 93 lumens/watt.

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