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Spiral CFL Bulbs

Spiral compact fluorescent bulbs are designed as a replacement for higher energy using incandescent bulbs. Although they might have a higher upfront cost, they will end up saving the consumer much more money over time and have a longer life span than regular bulbs. They are able to fit in most light sockets without a problem and have becoming much more popular due to all the benefits. Although the same amount of light is given as regular bulbs, the light comes as a whiter color and provides a different overall lighting atmosphere.

Incandescent vs Spiral Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
The biggest noticed difference between the two different types of lights is the over all life expectancy of them. The lifespan of a regular Incandescent bulb is between 750 to 1000 hours, while the CFL’s is 6,000 to 15,000 hours. The amount of difference between the two is incredible, and because of this, the consumer of the CFL will not need to replace the light for and extended amount of time, saving money in the long run.

The next big difference between them would be the efficiency of energy they use. Depending on the size of the CFL bulb, they will end up using between one seventh to one third of the total energy as incandescent bulbs. Not only does this save money for the consumer, but also is considered to be a green way of life, helping to reducing their carbon footprint. While incandescent bulbs continue to be a large selling bulbs, switching to CFLs will be a major aspect in helping global warming.

By now, its pretty obvious that the savings from CFLs are a large reason people should purchase them. Although the price of a CFL can be around 3 times higher than incandescent, the CFL can last up to 15 times longer and uses much less energy. The average household that switches all of their lights to florescent can expect an average of 12 percent reduced energy payments per month, and a savings of approximately $1500 on the cost of bulb replacements over 5 years due to the life expectancy of the bulbs. Commercial building receive much more saving due to the amount of bulbs they use, and can receive whole sale prices if enough are purchased.

CFLs are overall more environment friendly not only because of the less energy the use, but also because of the amount of mercury they contain. Although they still contain small amount, they have proven to have as little as 1 mg per bulb compared to 6 mg that incandescent lights might contain. Mercury is a massive concern even for landfills as well as waste incinerators because the mercury might be released into the air or affect the nearby water pollution.

Overall, using spiral compact fluorescent bulbs can benefit consumers in many ways. With their environmental friendly energy usage, financial savings and unique lighting, anyone can use these to improve their way of life and provide a different atmosphere of lighting due to the whiter type of light that is emitted.

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