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Quad Tube CFL Bulbs

Quad tube CFL bulbs, the CFL stands for compact fluorescent light bulb, and they can be used in both commercial as well as residential settings, although the latter is the most common, depending upon the bulb that you eventually buy. These bulbs are mainly held into place via pins at the base of the bulb although there are some screw cap versions also available. You should also know that there are a number of options available for you when it comes to wattages and uses for these bulbs making them very adaptable for a number of situations.

It is important to note that these quad tube bulbs produce the same amount of light as the more common twin tube variety and indeed everything else is basically the same between these two CFL bulbs. The only other difference that you will find is that these quad tubes are shorter than the twin tube and this does mean that they are more suitable for small lamps and light fixtures since they do not produce less light in the process. The exact bulb that you need to buy will depend upon how much light you require, as there are only a couple of shades available, but all with white light, so what wattages are out there for you to buy?

They do come with different wattages available and the most common ones that you will come across include the 13W version, 18W, and 26W, but there are others that are slightly rarer, but do still exist should you require them. Even though they are lower wattages than earlier bulbs it is worth mentioning that they do still produce more than enough light as can be seen in the number of lumens that they produce and with this you will see that the 18W version can result in 1200 lumens with this being more than enough for most people.

These bulbs are of course very efficient in much the same way as their twin tube versions and this often equates to quad tube CFL bulbs being able to offer up to 20,000 hours of light although this may be extended depending on the manufacturer. These bulbs do also use up a fraction of the electricity of older incandescent bulbs and this will of course be reflected in your electricity bulbs throughout the year. Due to the lower costs and extended life span it does mean that bulbs now have a tendency to pay for themselves throughout their life span making it even more important to change your old bulbs to these new and modern ones.

Quad tube CFL bulbs are, therefore, the smaller equivalent of the twin tube version, but due to the four tubes it does mean that you get the same amount of light coming from a smaller bulb. They come in a range of wattages and can be used in a number of situations and thanks to their increased efficiency it does mean that these newer models will last you for longer and cost you less to run saving you money without impacting on your light source.

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