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MR16 LED Downlights

MR16 LED downlights are the new replacement for the previous low energy halogen bulbs that have been on the market for a number of years. These new bulbs are seen as being far more efficient than those they have replaced and they are available in a number of different wattages as well as the angles from which they project the light meaning they will be suitable for a number of situations around the home.

To begin with it is best to look at the wattages available and what you will find is that the number of watts mentioned are lower than the old halogen bulbs, but this is not due to them offering less light, but is due to changes in technology that make them far more efficient. The wattages that you will tend to see for sale from various manufacturers include 7W, 10W, and 12W although others may be available depending upon the manufacturer.

It is worth pointing out a 10W bulb of this type is the equivalent of the older 50W bulbs and you will find that they still produce around 495 lumens with the 10W variety with this being more than enough for a number of situations. These bulbs are, therefore, far more efficient than the older models and also use up less energy and generally speaking you will find that MR16 LED downlights use up to 80% less energy on average and will last you for tens of thousands of hours before they need to be replaced.

When it comes to shades, then you will tend to find that there are three that are most commonly available with these being extra warm white, normal warm white, and finally cool white. This just allows you to have slightly softer options in various settings and, once again, it just makes them more adaptable to a number of situations and is one reason why changing to this type of bulb is undoubtedly a good idea.

So where are they generally used? These types of lights are common in ceilings where you have added in spotlights and this is why it is useful that they do come with varying beam angles from the narrow 24 degrees to the wider 36 degrees with this allowing the light to flood into the room. The wattage you end up buying will depend on how big the space is that has to be lit along with the number of bulbs that you have set into the ceiling, so do take this into consideration before you go ahead and make that purchase.

MR16 LED downlights are the new bulbs on the market to replace the older, and less efficient halogen bulbs. They use a fraction of the electricity and will also last you for longer than ever before with this meaning that they do represent real value for money and they will actually pay for themselves during their lifetime. There are several wattages available along with several angles of light and shades, so look at doing your bit to help the environment and get rid of your old bulbs and you will reap the benefits from doing so when you look at your electricity bill.

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