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LED Reflector Bulbs

LED reflector bulbs are different from the conventional light emitting diodes because they reflect light in a certain direction. The reflector bulbs can be either spotlights (they concentrate the light in the form of a narrow cone) or floodlights (which provide a more diffuse light). Until several years ago, people have used incandescent bulbs for their lighting needs – however, these bulbs have been replaced by LED reflector bulbs which are just as efficient, but they are considerably more energy-effective. Moreover, the lamp lifetime is also increased and the payback period (the return on investment) is of several months.

Just like the regular LED bulbs, LED reflector bulbs have a lifespan if around 30,000 hours (over 20 years), they produce considerably less heat and they can resist in harsh weather conditions. The light provided by the reflector bulb can be either whiter or cooler in color. Also, LED reflector lights are more consumer-friendly, this is a win-win situation both for the consumer and for the environment.

LED reflectors are different than CFL reflectors because the latter are not dimmable, meaning that you cannot reduce the amount of light as much as you wish, you can only turn the light on an off. Besides, CFL reflector bulbs cannot focus the light in a concentrated manner, thus appearing dimmer to most consumers.

LED reflector lamps have several advantages in terms of aesthetics and performance, because they are very small and compact yet powerful enough to provide a continuous flow of quality light. Moreover, given the fact that they are readily dimmable and directional, they are the perfect choice for reflector lamps for desks. Nonetheless, these reflector bulbs usually have an expensive price tag and this is why it is essential to take your time and compare bulbs in order to get the best value for your money. If you want to get the best deal, you should know that there are three main factors that determine the efficiency of an LED reflector bulb: the size and shape of the bulb, the light output, the base of the bulb as well as the beam angle.

When it comes to LED reflector bulbs, it must be mentioned that there are several different types: the downlight LED reflector lamps are perfect for undercabinet lighting, the prefocus colored reflector lamps are especially designed for highlighting various architectural pieces, the LED fog reflector lamps are especially created for use in foggy environments (for garden applications), while the advanced and decorative types of reflector lamps can be used for almost any application, both in residential and commercial buildings.

The LED reflector lamps are very robust against vibrations, they have a professional built-in thermal management system and they are extremely durable over the years. Moreover, these light bulbs involve very low energy consumption, there are no UV or near-IR radiations in the light beam and a very low amount of heat is emitted, unlike it happens with traditional incandescent bulbs. Also, the reflector lamps can either generate white light or colored/color-changing light.

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