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LED Recessed Lights

A lot of people prefer LED recessed lights, also known as “LED can lights” for many different reasons. They are a modern lighting solution with quite higher luminous intensity than the conventional lights. These lamps are an excellent option for solving a number of lighting requirements. Moreover, LED recessed lights are a quick and easy way to cut the total energy consumption in your home or office.

A LED recessed light is simply a light fixture that is installed into a circular opening in a ceiling. Once installed, these lights appear to produce light shining from a hollow opening in the ceiling, focusing the light in a descending direction as a narrow spotlight or broad floodlight. High quality LED recessed lights produce superior light that highlights color more efficiently than fluorescent lamps.

Basically, there are two parts of LED recessed lights namely the trim and housing. The housing is simply the fixture that is installed in the ceiling and it possesses the lamp holder. The housings are available in different sizes such as 4, 5 and 6 inches depending on the diameter of the hollow opening where the fixture is installed. However, smaller housings, 2 and 3 inches, are available as well for specific uses.

On the other hand, the trim is the visible part of the light. This is the insert seen when looking at the fixture, and includes a thin lining around the lamp edge. There are many quality trims to suit a range of applications. Some come with the standard baffle in white or black, there are also cone trims that produce a lower-brightness aperture and the lens trims which protect the lamp and provide diffused lighting.

Also, many LED recessed lights usually come with a toughened glass covering and a silver color aluminum fitting. Due to the well crafted lens and extra light control capabilities of LEDs, these lights are highly efficient even while adding ambiance with great beam spread accuracy. They are universally compatible with 100-240 VAC.

Energy savings is really a significant feature of LED recessed lights. They can actually save up to 85%of the power utilized by standard incandescent bulbs. For instance, a 12 watt LED recessed light has the same color quality and light output as that of a 60 watt incandescent bulb, but utilizes 85% less electricity than the incandescent light. These lights also come with different lumen output, wattages and color temperatures to suit different applications.

Since LED recessed lights are more efficient than halogen or incandescent lights, they emit very little heat thus reducing the load on air cooling and conditioning systems. In addition, LED recessed lights do not emit harmful ultraviolet or infrared radiance, so artwork and fabrics can be lightened up without color deterioration.

LED recessed lights are designed to last approximately 50 times longer than conventional lights, meaning less maintenance and minimized replacements. The lifespan of these lights is simply unsurpassed by other kinds of lights. Your standard LED recessed light will last about 11 years with twelve hours of usage per day. Besides the long lifespan of the LED recessed lights, there are other advantageous features on top. This lighting solution does not contain unsafe materials like mercury, which is common (though in small amounts) in fluorescent tubes and CFLs.

Additionally, LED recessed lights use solid-state technology that allows efficient dimming in lots of applications without flickering. One can use different dimmers to create regions of modifiable lighting in a room or home. Small LED recessed lights are usually used as accent lighting. They feature modest trims that allow the production of a narrow beam of light. There are also many adjustable LED recessed lights, such as the eyeball style, which allow you to focus the light precisely where you want it.

The use of LED recessed lights is very clearly defined. These lights can be used for a wide range of residential, commercial and retail applications. In residential applications, they provide ample illumination to a room and can even be used for task, ambient or accent lighting. Their application is limitless as they are seen ubiquitously, in lounges, offices, public places and even wash rooms and kitchens.

In many applications, typical technical rule is that for LED recessed lights of 6 inches lights, the space between them should be 6 feet and for those that are 4 inches in diameter, the space between them should be 4 feet. This way, they simply provide light and give a more soothing, sparkling look of the surroundings.

LED recessed lights really serve the purpose of recessed lighting while cutting down the operational and maintenance costs involved. They are a great lighting solution with an efficiently bright new look.

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