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LED Corn Light Bulbs

LED corn light bulbs are aptly named, because they resemble an ear of corn or corn on the cob. Instead of individual corn niblets, the cob is comprised of individual LED lights which can number between 80 and 108 lights, depending upon the size and style of the bulb. The larger corn style bulb has two distinct sections that each have rows of lights covering all sides of the bulb.

While LED lights are generally more expensive than regular lighting, they last much longer than standard light bulbs. Some of the main features of LED lights include:

  • This lighting option is extremely energy efficient and low maintenance;
  • A completely “green” option with no gases or other harmful emissions;
  • Will not cause damage, such as fading, caused by traditional lighting;
  • Any heat generated by these lights is almost non-existent when compared to CFL light bulbs;
  • Light emitted from LED light bulbs does not cause damage to skin or eyes;
  • Average life span of these lights is 30,000 hours which equates to three years and four months.

LED corn light bulbs can be used in table lamps, floor lamps and wall sconces. The extreme brightness of these lights makes them ideal for use in vanity mirrors in bathrooms where you want to be able to see things clearly.

If you have certain prints, paintings or pictures on walls, you can create a “feature wall” by directing lighting at the wall with LED lighting. The lights will illuminate what should be seen, without the risk of damage to any of your art or photographs. Traditional lighting would not be as safe as LED lighting for this option, because it emits heat and can fade or damage precious artwork and portraits.

These lights are available in several colors, but the most popular choices are white or a blue hue. LED lights are commonly seen in many homes across the country as homeowners move towards a more economical solution for their lighting needs.

When you discover that you need to replace your LED bulbs, the old bulb can be recycled at a local area drop off. This ensures that certain parts of the bulbs can be recycled and reused in new product manufacture rather than being sent to the local landfill.

When you are tired of dull lighting and the need for brighter lighting in areas of your home, then you should consider replacing your old bulbs with updated LED lighting options. The advantages are obvious immediately after installation, including that your home is brightly lit, your electrical bill will be noticeably lower and you will not have to replace bulbs as often as with standard lighting.

LED corn light bulbs fit into standard lighting receptacles and offer a brighter lighting solution than standard singled LED bulbs. If you are looking for ambient mood lighting, these are definitely not the kind of light bulbs you want. If you are interested in making things brighter and more welcoming, then LED lights are great choice.

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