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LED Area Lights

Area lights are fixtures commonly used in outdoor public spaces, such as plazas, pedestrian areas, parking spaces or architectural ambient lighting applications, such as monuments, historic buildings, statues or other important attractions. This type of fixtures usually come with a sleek, elegant design that blend with their artistic and aesthetic requirements. Smooth contours, rounded edges and graceful lines are characteristic and bring distinction to these fixtures.

LED area lights fixtures come in an almost endless variety of shapes, sizes and types of finish. These fixtures have a huge variety of applications, from architectural in-ground spots to high bay street lights for pedestrian areas. Because they are almost always used in exterior spaces, area lights require special design elements that make them resistant to a variety of nature elements.

The in-ground spots feature high durability extruded aluminum or gauge cold rolled steel housing to ensure sturdiness and resistance to atmospheric conditions or impacts (such as road traffic for parking areas. They are mounted on sidewalks, causeways and in lawn areas and they are completely recessed and concealed to give a distinct look. Because they are usually used in exterior areas, these fixture feature highly resistant rubber gaskets to ensure water tightness all year round, as well as extreme temperature fluctuations (-40 degrees C to +50 degrees C). Also, in-ground spots have impact resistant acrylic lenses, mounted with heavy-duty screws, nails or clips.

Overhang fixtures are used around roadways, walkways, monuments or statues, historic buildings and pedestrian areas. They can be mounted on poles, beams, columns, mounted in ceilings, or they can be hanged on wires or other various settings. The fixtures can have a wide variety of wattage, from 10W for the smallest units, to more than 200W for complex high power units. Smaller lamps can feature 7 LEDs, while larger lamps usually have between 21 to 35 LEDs and complex units have more than 50 LEDs. Because of the various aesthetic requirements, LED area lights are available in almost any color, from cyan, pink and citrus yellow, to softer, calmer hues such as burgundy or light blue. The light distribution for area lights is a critical element and it can be customized, offering flexibility, depending on the customer’s specific needs. Area lights offer low glare photometrics, ideal for public spaces where dim light is usually required (such as walkways, plazas), but also high glare units which are ideal for architectural ligting around large buildings and monuments.

The color temperature varies between 2800K for warmer light fixtures, to 6000K and 7000K for colder, more powerful fixtures, with a nominal 70CRI index. They use a voltage of 120-277V at an intensity of 50 to 60Hz (347V 60Hz or 480V 60Hz operation). The maintenance requirements are generally minimal, many fixtures featuring a natural self-cleaning design and self-cooling design. There is a vertical level adjustment possibility of -10 degrees to +10 degrees. Area light fixtures usually come with a long warranty and a 60,000 hour minimum life span for LED units.

To sum it all up, LED area lights are modern fixtures that can add value to any public space, roadway, walkway, plaza, or architectural details. They can create a wonderful atmosphere and, thanks to their endless design and mounting possibilities, they can truly stand as art works themselves.

PictureProduct Information

High Brightness & Power Efficiency LED High Bay Light – 200W

Power: 200W; Input voltage: AC 100-240 Vac/50-60Hz; Light source: CREE XBD 140 pcs; Driver: MeanWell HLG240W; Power Efficiency: >94%; Luminous flux: 17000-18000lm; Beam angle: 25°/60°/90°; Color temperature:2800K-3200K/4000-4500K/5500-6500K; Power factor: 90 min.; CRI: 75 Ra min.; Operating environment: Temperature -30°C-70°C, Humidity 20%-90%. Copper heatpipe, fin shape heatsink structure; 216 °adjustable angle; High-purity aluminum reflector, 92% reflective rate; Waterproof design, eliminating mist, avoiding condensation. Perfect replacement for 600W-1000W traditional sodium lamps. Energy efficient solution for high power indoor high ceiling and outdoor larger area lighting applications in factories, workshops, warehouses, exhibition halls, stadiums, roadways, gas stations. Life: 50000 hours; Warranty: 5 years. Also available in power 100W, 120W, 150W, 300W, 400W, 500W.


High Mast LED Tower Light – 600W

Power: 600W; Input voltage: AC 90-305V; Frequency range: 50Hz-60Hz; Light source: CREE, 2 pcs; Light output (Lumens): 51000-57000lm; Power factor: >0.95; Power efficiency: ﹥89%; Illumination uniformity: ﹥0.5; Total harmonic distortion: ≤12%; Light distribution curve: symmetrical; Color temperature: WW 3000K±10%; CRI (Ra>): 70; Weather protection: IP67; Working temperature: -40°C~+50°C; Warranty: 3 years. High mast LED tower light fixtures for business, warehouse, contruction, parking lots, and high-traffic area lighting. Can be adjusted to provide directional lighting to specific outdoor areas, or placed to create an overall ambient illumination for the entire area. Energy efficient and perfect for outdoor applications that require high brightness while consuming much less electricity than fluorescent or incandescent lights. This model also available in 300W/400W/500W/1000W.

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