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High Wattage CFL Bulbs

High wattage CFL bulbs may indeed use a relatively high number of watts for modern bulbs, but they manage to do this while still using less electricity than older models. These bulbs are now seen as being the direct replacement for the previous high wattage incandescent bulbs and the savings that can be made are quite remarkable as will now be explained.

First, these bulbs are easy to spot as the actual bulb part curves in a shape that resembled an upside down letter U and there are often several of them on the one bulb. They mainly come with the normal Edison screw cap although some manufacturers may produce the bayonet fitting although they are more unusual and harder to find. They come with several different wattage levels, but the main ones that are available cover 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 150W, and 200W although some manufacturers will offer a lower number of watts in their range. These wattages does mean that it is the ideal lighting solution for security light fixtures, but their uses will be discussed in more detail later on.

For the efficiency, then you can largely expect these high wattage CFL bulbs to be able to last for an average of 50,000 hours before they need to be replaced. Due to the technology contained within the bulb it does mean that they use less energy than the earlier incandescent versions with some manufacturers able to reduce the energy consumption of the bulb by over 80% with this making a noticeable difference to your electricity bills.

With these bulbs, you will tend to find that you will not have the same color range available as you do with other bulbs, but this mainly due to the reasons why people use them in the first place. The main concern is just in giving you a strong light source and this means that you are just looking at a neutral white light rather than cool white or warm white as you get elsewhere.

When it comes to the uses, then these bulbs are often used in security lamps outdoors as they do emit a lot of light and the number of watts that they use, and the high lumens readings, does mean that they can easily turn night into day with outdoor spaces. They can also be used in a commercial setting as a downlight where a large space has to be lit and this is why you will see that they will not only go into modern light fixtures, but can also be used with older recessed downlights without any problems.

In short, high wattage CFL bulbs are capable of producing a substantial amount of light, but use a fraction of the electricity that is used by the older incandescent bulbs. There are a wide range of wattages available meaning you will have no problem in finding a bulb that is capable of lighting up large dark spaces in next to no time and give you that extra bit of security that you are looking for. These bulbs are capable of lasting for thousands of hours and represent real value for money, so look at changing those old inefficient ones for the newer models and save yourself money in the process.

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