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GU10 CFL Bulbs

The search for energy efficient products has driven people to look for products that reduce the amount energy of consumed. The more traditional forms of bulbs such as the halogen bulbs or the standard incandescent bulbs used to produce a lot of heat and consumed a lot of electricity. This resulted in high electricity bills since the amount of energy that was consumed with traditional bulbs was very high. CFL bulbs have helped many households as well as business minimise their energy consumption. The standard CFL bulb has a screw at the base that is used to fit in lamps as well as in light fixtures. The sizes of the screw can vary and are made to fit into different types of fittings.

The GU10 CFL Bulbs are available in a variety of types, shapes and sizes some of the electrical capacities include the 7W, 9W, 11W and the 18W. There are some similar features in all GU10 CFL Bulbs that are a common to the above listed bulbs. These features are key into knowing how the bulbs work and can be used to identify the GU10 cfl bulbs. Some of the features are in the bulbs are that: they are able to save up to 80% of power; they have an average life span of up to 8000 hours; they have an integral starter and ballast; have a soft start and they are protected from damages caused by electrical surges. Such features ensure that the bulb can last for a period of up to eight years if well taken care of.

There are various areas where such types of bulbs can be found useful. However the area you choose to use the bulb depends on the fitting used in your cfl bulb. It is recommended that you to use these bulbs in areas where the bulb is not frequently switched such as the bedrooms. The GU10 cfl bulbs are therefore used in both commercial and domestic lighting in the following areas. They can be used in chandeliers to bring in a decorative feel in the home. They are also ideal for usage in the bathroom area. You will also find the bulbs being used commercially in restaurant settings since they give the room a calming environment. The kitchen and sitting room among other areas are also areas where the cfl bulbs can be used efficiently. You should be careful since some of the cfl bulbs are not suitable for dimmers, electronic switches or emote controls.

There are many advantages of GU10 cfl bulbs that make them a more suitable choice over the less energy efficient halogen GU10 lamps. As seen in this article they are able to last longer, consume less energy and also they do not generate a lot of heat. The cfl bulbs are more eco-friendly than the traditional bulbs and since they are affordable to most ordinary households this makes them a good lighting choice. They therefore eliminate the hassle of dealing with a costly electricity bill when using this type of a bulb.

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