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Dimmable CFL Bulbs

Dimmable CFL bulbs are easy to spot thanks to their very distinctive shape whereby the light part is in a spiral. These bulbs can save you a small fortune in your electricity bills without having an impact on the amount of light that you get and with several versions available on the market it does mean that you stand a very good chance of getting one that is perfect for you.

When looking at the range of bulbs that are available it is important to note that even though the number of watts may appear to be relatively low that they do correspond with much higher figures with the older bulbs of this type. In order to demonstrate the difference it should be mentioned that a 20W bulb now can be the equivalent of the old 100W when it comes to the number of lumens that it emits and of course the fact it is a lower number of watts it does mean that you can expect it to use less electricity, therefore, saving you money.

When it comes to their efficiency, then you can expect the modern day versions to be able to offer you on average 16,000 hours of light before they will need to be replaced and this is certainly a vast improvement on the older versions. It is also worth noting that this figure can be higher with certain manufacturers, so it is not unheard of for the bulbs to give over 20,000 hours of light resulting in them saving more money and paying for themselves over their life span.

For the wattages, then the most common versions are 9W, 11W, 13W, and 18W although as was mentioned earlier there is a 20W version out there even though it is not as popular. Each bulb is going to be available in both the bayonet cap as well as the edison screw and the most popular color is cool white although you may find other shades available from certain manufacturers.

These lights are ideal for the standard dimmer switch, but do be aware that some manufacturers do not produce bulbs that are suitable for the digital dimmer options and it does require you to check their details before purchasing. The lights can vary from 100% light down to 2% and they can be used with any lamp or main light in your home without any problems. Due to the size of the bulb section itself, you may find that there are problems with some wall fixtures, so do check the dimensions before purchasing.

Dimmable CFL bulbs are, therefore, the direct replacement for the standard versions that have been on the market for a number of years with these newer versions being far more energy efficient without producing less light in the process. There are several types available when it comes to the wattages and you can also purchase them in both of the main fittings, so if you are looking at saving yourself some money and becoming more energy efficient, then look at changing your old bulbs for the newer model now.

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