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Daylight LED Bulbs

Daylight LED Bulbs are bright enough to light up even the darkest room, emitting light that is similar in brightness to daylight. If you are after softer or more ambient lighting, then you can dim the light with this type of bulb too. You can fill a room with daylight, even at night. The best part of these bulbs is that you will be reducing your electrical bill and your carbon footprint at the same time.

Some of the best uses for daylight LED bulbs include table lamps, ceiling fans, pendent lighting, recessed lighting (“pot” lights) and decorative light fixtures (chandeliers or wall sconces). Daylight LED bulbs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and ideal for outside entrance lighting) and give off an average of 73 lumens (visible light units) per watt.

The overall cost of using an average LED light bulb adds up to approximately $1.57 per year. By using this type of bulb in multiple locations, you will save a lot of money over the course of a year. The original cost outlay for these bulbs is a lot more than the average regular bulb, but these bulbs can last up to an incredible 22 years if they are only used an average of three hours daily! If you were to keep the lights on all of the time they will still last up to 3 years on average. The cost savings are tangible when you consider how economical the bulbs are over time.

Daylight LED Bulbs are designed for general purpose household use in most standard light fixture receptacles, although the bulbs are also suitable for commercial use. LED lights do not contain mercury, and they are completely safe for use at home.

When you turn on a fixture with daylight LED bulbs, you will receive immediate light (so you do not have to wait for the light to come on). The bulb does not emit any kind of heat, so if you touch the bulb you will not burn yourself. The bulb is shatter proof, so if you drop it on the ground it is not going to break into tiny and dangerous shards. These bulbs give off an omni-directional light meaning that the direction of the light is not limited to one side. The typical Edison screw base, allows the bulb to screw into any fixture that accommodates these standard replacement bulbs.

Daylight LED bulbs use up to 78% less energy than the standard style incandescent bulb. If your home has several lights in each room and you tend to use many of these lights at the same time, for many hours of the day, those costs can certainly add up.

Although you may be concerned at the initial cost of daylight LED bulbs, you can purchase them slowly, over time and work towards replacing all bulbs in your home as funds permit. Most daylight LED bulbs also come with a limited warranty against defects or failure. You should try your bulbs as soon as you receive them to ensure that they are in proper working order.

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