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Compact Fluorescent Ballasts

Compact fluorescent ballasts are ideal for those who want to get the best value for their money, in terms of lighting systems. All the CFL ballasts have an universal input voltage that facilitates the installation process, and they also feature metal case designs for improved safety and efficiency. Generally speaking, the compact fluorescent ballasts are made from polymer that is highly resistant to heat and stainless steel that is fatigue-resistant. Some types of fluorescent ballasts are especially created for long, twin tube lamp operations, and this is possible thanks to the universal voltage input.

The ballasts are designed to be durable in the long run, and they can last for years without being replaced. One of the features that ensures the long life of ballasts is the PRS system (acronym that stands for Programmed Rapid Start): this is basically a starting method that is gentler on the lamp than either the instant or the rapid start ballasts. The ballast watts and the configurations vary based on the type of application, and they usually range from 5 to 42 watts.

Ballast systems are widely used all over the world because they are very energy-efficient – however, the life expectancy of the ballast is significantly reduced because they are cycled on an off on a constant basis. Fortunately, this new ballast technology (the PRD) can double the life of the ballast, and this automatically reduces not only the energy costs but also the costs associated with replacing the ballast systems.

Regarding applications, it must be mentioned that all ballasts operate various lamp types, and this adds to their versatility and usability. They are perfect for a wide range of surface-mount applications, from elevators to hotels and commercial buildings. In addition, the lamp holders and the mounting systems come in different sizes and styles, and this aspect makes the compact fluorescent ballasts even more versatile.

The compact fluorescent ballast systems are perfect for undercabinet fluorescent lighting, desk lamps, ambience lighting (for kitchens or living rooms, for instance) or orientation lighting (staircases).

One of the most notable features available for the CFL ballasts is the end-of-lamp-shutdown circuitry, which allows you to easily replace the ballast without having to turn the power off. The end-of-lamp-shutdown circuitry also aims to limit the lamp and lampholder damage. The improved lamp performance along with the high power and/or low power factor are two other important features. The ballasts are available in various models of 120, 277 or 347 volts, but this mainly varies from one manufacturer to another.

The installer-friendly function makes sure that you always have the right ballasts, and these systems are especially created to reduce both the requirements and the inventory costs. The metal can construction ensures the maximum transfer of heat to fixture, and the compact fluorescent ballast systems meet all the requirements of rapid start specifications and others. Last, but not least, the test point temperature as well as the maximum case temperature is of 75 degrees Celsius – this is what assures the correct temperature application.

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