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Circline Ballasts

Circline ballasts are rising in popularity due to the very high light output and the reduces price and size. Circline ballasts and lamps are especially created to improve the lighting in any room, regardless of its size – the expanded lighting is possible thanks to the circular size of the ballast. One of the most important advantages of these ballasts is that they improve the lighting without increasing surface area: if you want to lower the energy bills and still have a room that is properly lit, then a circline ballast is exactly what you need – moreover, these products come with a two or three year limited warranty. The warranty allows you to replace the old ballast with a new one, if anything happens to it and it starts to malfunction within the years covered by the warranty.

When it comes to lighting applications, it must be mentioned that ballasts are basically transformers that provide the proper voltage and current blend to the gases located inside the light bulb. There are numerous applications for this type of ballast, from floodlights and recessed troffers to street lighting and wall packs.

The mechanism is very simple: a circline ballast uses solid state electronic circuitry in order to provide the necessary starting and operating electricity, for one or more fluorescent lamps. The ballasts are made to last and they can easily last for several years, even if they are intensely used. Regarding the dimensions of the circline ballast, it must be mentioned that they are reduced and this is what makes these ballasts compact and very easy to install. The typical dimensions for circline ballasts are: length -6-1/2in; Width – 2-3/8in; Height 1-1/2. Nonetheless, the dimensions may slightly vary from one product to another, as there are several different types of circline ballasts available on the market.

Also, these ballasts are dimmable: Dimming is performed by simply controlling the discharge current – in this case, the optimal cathode temperature will be maintained by an extra cathode heating current.

Most of these ballasts use what is known as “modified rapid start” technology, which ensure immediate lighting regardless of the temperature of the environment – this is what makes circline ballasts perfect for industrial applications, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, retail, offices and such. They aim to ensure a bright, cost-effective lighting system that requires little to no maintenance over the years. All the ballasts are especially created to power brilliant and compact circline lamps for almost any application.

As mentioned above, the starting method is modified rapid start which ensures instantaneous light. The ballasts are replaceable and the average ballast rated life is 50.000. In addition to this, the maximum open circuit voltage is 600V, and the ballasts come with an end of life protection.

The rated Lumens vary based on the type of ballast, but it is generally around 4200 Lumens. The average power factor is above 0.5 and the products are designed for outdoor use. Thermal protection and sockets are also available, and most ballasts come with lamp holders in case you want to use them for desk lamps.

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