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30 Watt LED Drivers

Light emitting diodes, more commonly known as LED, require low voltage and direct current power supplies in order to maximize its lifespan and light quality output. LED drivers fit the power supply requirements of LEDs, as opposed to standard low voltage transformers. With typical low voltage transformers, the lights tend to flicker, differ in intensity when it comes to brightness and tend to lose its radiance fairly quickly.

LED bulbs still function when it is supplied with power by low voltage transformers, but they flicker due to their ability to rectify or correct the AC current in such a manner that each LED only receives half the power of an AC cycle while the other half remains dark. However, LED drivers correct and rectify the current provided by the AC at the same time provides the DC with power that leads to the absence of flickering. LED drivers also supply the LEDs with constant controlled voltage to make sure that they always function at their maximum level.

LED is also very receptive to fluctuations in voltage. It extracts too much current when the voltage is too high resulting to a reduction in its lifespan, and extracts too little current when the voltage is too low, thereby giving off less light.

There are two classifications of LED Drivers available in the market, Constant Voltage and Constant Current drivers. Constant Current Drivers and Dimmable drivers typically have an inconsistent range in voltage and a steady current output which permits the driver to automatically supply the voltage based on the number of LEDs on the string. In order to operate and function, drivers require a minimum and maximum voltage.

There are numerous drivers available in the market today. The choice is up to you, depending on your needs and requirements, whether you will opt for the Constant Voltage driver or the Constant Current Driver. Constant Current Drivers provide direct power supply to drive the LEDs. Another thing you must also consider the specific output voltage, current and the general output power rating as well as the input voltage range. Other things you should take into consideration before purchasing a LED driver is the operating range in temperature and the indoor and outdoor protection rating. For outdoor applications, lightning protection is another factor you must consider. Aside from that, compliance to safety and efficiency should also be assessed.

Standard 30 watt LED Drivers, whether it’s Constant Voltage or Constant Current drivers, have an output of 30W maximum, an input voltage of 90 to 305 VAC with 4 ~ 85 Vdc of output voltages. Most drivers have a silicone potting, plastic shell and can withstand temperatures of up to 120°C, are lightweight and compact in design. Standard LED drivers are usually also dust proof, water resistant and are protected against electrical surges such as lightning. They can be placed in either dry, damp or wet areas. They usually come with a standard electrical box for proper installation.

These 30 watt LED Drivers can be used to supply power to LED lamps, LED grilles, LED spotlights and LED PAR lamps.

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