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12V LED Power Supply

The LED power supply is used for providing constant power supply to LED light arrangements that have special requirements. A 12V LED power supply provides 12 volts of constant electricity to the LEDs it is connected to, and also offers additional functions. The dimming lights function is highly popular among customers.

Today LED lights are replacing the traditional lighting methods at a very fast pace. LED lights are more efficient than incandescent and fluorescent lighting and can greatly reduce energy costs.

LED bulbs come in costlier than their counterparts because of their complexity and the methods used in manufacturing them. The LED technology though, is growing every day and efforts are being made to make it more affordable. However, every investment made in LED energy is recovered through its use, as the products have a long lifespan, and they run on minimal costs.

With the widespread usage of LED bulbs, the requirement of 12V LED power supply has also increased. These power supply units come in various designs and are categorized based on driving methods. The different LED power supplies provide different lighting styles. Some of the settings can dim the lights; other can make them dance and so on.

Therefore, the user can chose a LED Power supply that meets both the power requirements and the desired design and display method. The choices are also fit for every pocket.

Before using a LED power supply, it is important that the perfect driving method is chosen that suits the electrical purpose.

Below is a list of the 3 basic driving methods for the 12V LED power supply:

  • Direct Drive
  • With Series Resistor
  • With Driver IC

From these 3 methods, the direct drive is the most efficient and cost effective, and the drive with series resistor is the least efficient one. Therefore, the direct drive method is considered to be the best way of using the LED power supply.

The 12V LED power supply is produced in a metal or plastic casing, and can be used safely both indoors and outdoors. It has in-built power factor correction (PFC) and many safety functions such as:

  • Short circuit
  • Overload
  • Over voltage
  • Over temperature

LED power supplies are manufactured for maximum user safety and come with functions such as adjustable current for the exact effect needed with the lighting, and dimming functions that help the user customize and use the LEDs very conveniently.

The 12V LED power supply is used both indoors and outdoors. It works very well in both environments. Indoors, this power supply manages the lighting very well with all its customizable options. For outdoor use, the 12V LED power supply has great ability to handle large displays. Its advanced settings make up for easy changes and innovative styles of lighting.

LED lights have revolutionized the way lighting is done, both indoors and outdoors. They are very cost efficient and consume up to 90% less energy than halogens. It is estimated that LEDs will soon replace all the other lighting providers, and the 12V LED power supplies will be the perfect accessories.

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